TCM-50 Stainless Steel tube Collaring Machine
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The following is a brief description of the Extruder System's cycle. Cycle can be fully automatic NC, or done one step at a time. For better understanding of how the machine works, please download and watch video footage of a extruder cycle.

316L stainless steel collaring 316L stainless stell extruder sample
Note: Different diameter collar or tube requires tool changeover.
Short video demonstration.
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TCM-50 Extruder Machine produces its own pilot hole, but cannot produce a collar that is close to the diameter of the main tube. For this purpose, see the standard Ball Pull-Out system.

Tube is manually slid over mandrel and is then clamped in feed-clamp (Optional NC feeding).

Hydraulic clamp dies firmly clamps work. Die is lowered, and oval pilot hole is cut.

Die is retracted. and the punch is forced out from inside tube, forming collar.

Sizing punch is moved into position, and lowered into collar to ensure diameter accuracy..

Sizing punch is retracted clamp dies are released. Work is forwarded and is either removed (manually), or cycle is repeated to form another collar.

Short video demonstration.
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